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Tower of God Season 2 getting an anime season

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Tower of God is a captivating webcartoon that leaves a lasting impression, earning a well-deserved 9/10 overall rating. The story, rated at 9.7/10, seamlessly introduces characters and weaves a plot that draws inspiration from old fairytales, offering a unique and enthralling experience. The tale follows Baam on his quest to ascend the tower, facing impossible odds that are overcome through teamwork and personal growth. While part one concludes with a significant cliffhanger, the ongoing nature of the series promises resolution in season two.

The art, though starting at 7.3/10, sees improvement towards the end of season one and shines in the sequel. The fully colored webcomic presents some sloppy moments but excels in stand-out scenes, especially during action sequences. Characters, awarded a perfect 10/10, steal the spotlight, providing memorable moments of progression, plot twists, and compelling chemistry. The sequel promises stunning artwork, enhancing the overall experience.

Readers may find minor gripes with some artwork, but the top-notch story and characters make Tower of God a must-read. With a perfect score for enjoyment and an infinite recommendation for action/adventure manga enthusiasts, this webcartoon proves to be a page-turner with its intriguing plot, well-designed characters, and continuous improvement in artistic quality.

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